Lob der Narrheit

Piece for voice and live visuals, premiered at the GegenStimmen Festival 2013, Nikki Bogart Gallery.  

Lob der Narrheit (2013) is an interbreed between multimedia and performance where the stage becomes a troubled brain whose conflicting hemispheres are represented by two separate, yet interdependent ensembles. Their struggle between linear developments and irrational outbursts drive the self —embodied in the singer— towards a point of no return. Performed in Vienna: Grösser Saal des KWP, Gegenstimmen Festival, Nikki & Bogart Gallery.

As human beings, we all try desperately to remove traces of madness within us. The society forces us to draw the boundary between being insane and "normal". But what if the best way to achieve the ultimate balance is to confess and accept this craziness, which lies in our unconscious mind, the source of our best ideas and inexplicable genius?

This piece is also meant for a play called "Seres" (Beings) by El Viejo Actor whose theatrical activities are held in Málaga, Spain. The plot is about the daily lives of certain people from different background and professions, living in a mental institution. The piece will be performed at the Fidelio-Wettbewerb 2012.

Concept & music: Adrián Artacho
Libretto: Aloysia Astari

Voice: Sergio Tallo
Saxophone: Simon Sirec
Accordion: Nikola Djoric
Piano: Kathrin Buczak
Violin: Stefano D'Ermenegildo
Double bass: Giuseppe Ciraso

Film: Thomas Wagensommerer (www.wagensommerer.at)
Live Video: Adrián Artacho

'Lob der Narrheit' premiered at the GegenStimmen Festival 2013, Nikki Bogart Gallery. 
Realized through a composition grant 2012 by BMUKK.

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