Theatre piece with the music of the Noise Atelier Ensemble, premiered in Seville, Spain in December 2012.

'Josephine, elegía de la composición muerta' (2012) is a theater production in collaboration with Noise Atelier (Spain). Along the performance, a baroque ensemble (Vienna) and its modern counterpart (live in Seville) are synchronized by means of a soundscore to compose the tortured personality of the main character, unable to accept his time and reality. Different sound environments placed in different time and place challenges the audience with non-linear musical narratives.

Elegía de la composición muerta."
   Music for drama in 6 acts

Theatre piece with the music of the Noise Atelier Ensemble. Original text by Antonio Raposo and directed by Elena Simionov. Original music by Adrián Artacho.

«Erik Riven Vahjau, a young composer, a young composer is being held in a psychiatric hospital,
a victim of his obsession compose a transcendental masterpiece.
Through fantastic regressions related to alleged previous lives and hallucinations caused by trauma from his past, Erik lives the process of creation as an infinite loop. The image of his deceased sister, Josephine, dominate his thoughts, at the same time a source of and a reflection of the ruthless society which was unable to understand his fragile nature

Elena Simionov - directing
Antonio Raposo - acting, original text
Adrián Artacho - original music
Violeta Irriberi, José Luis Morón, Alejandro Marco Parodi - dance
Isabel Ibáñez - visuals

Noise Atelier Ensemble
Héctor Eliel Márquez - piano
Irene Morato - flute
Fernando Torres - viola

Héctor Márquez - harpsichord
Carolina Vicente - baroque flute
Sheng-Fang Chu - baroque flute
Jörg Ulrich Krah - baroque cello


Antonio Vivaldi:        
       La notte, concierto para flauta dulce y conjunto de cuerda en Sol menor,
        op. 10, nº 2, RV 439. (1731)

Henri F. Vieuxtemps:       
       Elegie en Fa menor, op. 30, para viola y piano. (1845)

Sergei Rachmaninov:       
       Preludio en Sol menor, op. 23, nº 5, para piano. (1903)

André Jolivet:         
       Petite suite para flauta, viola y arpa. (1941)

Olivier Messiaen:         
       Le merle noir, para flauta y piano. (1952)

Karlheinz Stockhaussen:  
       Klavierstuck X, nº 4, para piano. (1961)

Adrián Artacho:        
       Josephine para cinta (clave, flauta dulce, viola da gamba), flauta, viola y piano. (2012)

Fotos: Laura Winter

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