Music for a theatre piece by El Viejo Actor, featuring original song "Something Good" by Adrian Artacho. Premiered in Málaga, Spain in March 2011.

"SPOT" is one of the international projects Neues Atelier has done, in collaboration with El Viejo Actor, a theatre group in Málaga, Spain. The original score "Something Good", written by Adrián Artacho and sung by Aloysia Astari.The play was a great success and was performed in different theatres in different cities along the Andalucia coast. 
"What is in that box? What could it be, that generates such horror? What is the most creative, the most desired, the most experienced, the best thing to sell? When a company decides to release its most important, new product, the most investment they made was to hire three professionals to place the product in the market. Can they be entrusted to take on the mission? The only certain thing is that they have never seen anything like it - but then, rather not have seen it."

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